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Responsible harvesting

Our bees are our assets. Instead of following the normal commercial practice of removing all honey and most pollen, we leave the bees with a proportion of the honey they have collected for over the winter months. This honey contains the critical natural and diverse sources of carbohydrate and protein needed for them to remain healthy.

We have been asked how the beekeepers know the correct amount of honey to harvest. Modern bee keeping allows beekeepers to manage the number of bees in a hive. This means encouraging them to build young brood

and bees in anticipation of the nectar flows in spring. The result is a strong workforce to provide an excess of honey. In autumn we reduce the size of the brood area to ensure there is not an excess of bees when food is limited. When the honey is harvested, sufficient honey is left to make sure the bees remain healthy during winter, with enough still available for building the number of bees in spring, prior to the nectar flow.