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Pest management

The only native land mammals in New Zealand are two small bats. Prior to human arrival, New Zealand was a land of birds, large insects and lizards. All of these have been threatened since human occupation because of the introduction of a large number of mammalian pests; the worst include stoats, weasels, rats, feral cats, possums, feral pigs, goats and rabbits. Uncontrolled, these animals devastate the forest and eliminate the native animals. As a consequence, Tahi maintains an active pest control programme that humanely keeps these animals under control.

In addition, we undertake pest control on a larger area of neighbouring properties to reduce reinvasion. The return of so many birds, including those on our label, is an indicator of our success.

As well as pest animals, there is also a range of invasive plants that threaten the local ecosystems. We control the worst of these - pampas grass, moth plant and apple of Sodom (kapok tree/rubber plant) - together with a wide variety of agricultural weeds such as ragwort.