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We have replanted more than 30 hectares into native forest and produced a similar area of wetlands. Where we once saw fewer than 20 bird species, we now see 69, of which 23 are rare or threatened. Tahi celebrates this success by putting some of these birds on our honey label. Birds are the top animals in New Zealand's native ecosystems so their return is an indicator of ecosystem health.

We have eliminated thousands of unwanted mammal pests. Tahi involves the local community, including at our annual Open Day. We employ local people predominantly. We conserve the archaeological and more recent history.

While Tahi runs a successful honey business, we also allow guests to stay and enjoy the sanctuary. Our café is popular with local residents and holiday makers.

Tahi is an accredited Global Ecosphere Retreat® with the Zeitz Foundation Long Run Alliance. Our success have been recognised in 2011 by New Zealand's Sustainable Business Network, We have also won the Small to Medium Sustainable Business Award with the Sustainable Business Network (in 2011).