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Nature is our business. After all, nature is the source of our energy and other raw materials so it is essential that it is conserved and enhanced.

The environment is our greatest asset and the Natural Capital of Tahi's business. As well as being critical for our business we depend upon natural processes to live. Functioning ecosystems and biodiversity are critical for the long term survival of human communities. Wetlands clean water, and plants produce essential O2 and reduce CO2 , of major importance in global warming. Plants convert energy from the sun into energy-rich compounds such as sugar, which are the basis of fossil fuels and our food. Plants also make nectar and pollen that keep our bees alive and provide the raw materials which create our special honey.

Past human activities and many current extractive businesses (clear felling forests and not replacing them, unsustainable fishing, polluting waterways, and mining) have damaged the environment and reduced Natural Capital. Without replenishing Natural Capital stocks we run the risk of ecosystem collapse. We at Tahi believe investing in the environment rather than exploiting it will have long-term benefits.

At Tahi, we consider that Communities and Commerce are important elements of creating a sustainable future, for without them there is no money to invest in the repair of ecosystems and other critical environmental processes. We have adopted a business model which incorporates the Zeitz Foundation's philosophy of the 4Cs - Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Simply put, we conserve nature because it is the basis of our business. Our business is just a small part of a wider Community that is key to providing a service to our customers and to increasing the well being of our staff. The Community has aCultural heart that keeps it functioning. So without Conservation, Community and Culture, it is almost impossible to be a viable Commercial entity.

The Nested Model of Sustainability is a useful tool to describe the relationship between people, business and the environment. The biosphere (environment) is a source of energy, air, land, water, materials, ecosystems and habitats. It is clear that the health and wellbeing of human society depends on a functioning environment. In turn, the business economy and wealth depend upon a functioning society as well as a healthy environment. This reality underpins the Tahi approach to business.